Laura and Colin are both 29 years old and are currently residing in Fremont.

How they met: Colin and Laura met through an online dating service, although the fact they actually met was due to a glitch in the system! Colin had set his profile to only match with people within 20 miles of where he lived. At the time, however, Laura lived about 40 miles from Colin. When they exchanged phone numbers, Colin realized that he didn't even recognize the area code! However, they had a wonderful phone conversation and decided to go ahead and set a date for dinner. Upon meeting they instantly hit it off.

How they got engaged:

They decided to take a trip out of town for the July 4th holiday, and to go down to San Diego to visit friends, and then back through Las Vegas, since Laura had never been.  Colin had ulterior motives when suggesting San Diego, because he had been ring shopping for months, and was going to pick up the ring while in San Diego. They drove down to San Diego, stayed for a few days, and moved on to Las Vegas on the 3rd of July.

Colin had planned on proposing the next day but impatience and the mood got the better of him. He ordered a bottle of champagne, and then after a few glasses, left the room momentarily. He returned with his hands behind his back, knelt down, and asked Laura to marry him. He then brings his hands around to the front and in them holds a giant plastic fake diamond ring (about the size of a baseball). At this point Laura is both laughing and crying hysterically.  Colin explains that there were complications in getting the ring he wanted, but he still wanted to propose that weekend (the actual ring arrived about a week later, and he re-proposed).

Their wedding date is set for October 30, 2002.