Why Thailand?
When we began planning our wedding, we realized two things were very important to us. We wanted to do something different and we wanted to travel. After much discussion we decided to get married on our trip/honeymoon.  Of the places we plan to travel, Thailand is by far the most accessible and visitor friendly so we decided to have our wedding in Thailand.

Why Phuket?
Phuket offers the advantage of being the second most accessible destination in Thailand next to Bangkok.  It has itís own international airport and the facilities cover a wide enough gambit to appeal to all our guests.  For more information on Phuket, go to www.phuket.com. 

Will you have a reception in the United States?
While we would like to have a reception in the US it is currently unlikely due to uncertainty about when and where (in the US) we will return. Our sincere apologies to all who would like to attend but are unable due to the considerable travel involved.

Will pictures of the wedding be added to the site?
Pictures from the wedding will be posted at www.TrickyPenguin.com. A link to TrickyPenguin will be added to the main page.

Does this mean you are some sort of communist?
No, Proletariat and Bourgeoisie alike are welcome.

How many people do you expect to come?
10 to 20.

For how long are you traveling?
6+ Months.

Where do you intend to go?
We are starting our trip by going to Tanzania for 45 days. During this time we plan to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, go to Zanzibar and travel the country. We may also, time permitting go to Malawi.  When we leave Tanzania we are going to the United Arab Emirates for 4 days and then on to London for 4 days. We then return to California on September 19th for a wedding (not ours) and depart again after the 27th for Thailand. Besides getting married on Phuket we have not yet mapped out our tour of South-East Asia. We hope to go to Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. We may also travel in Myanmar now that Aung San Suu Kyi has been released from house arrest.  Part of what we both love about traveling is the lack of structure and as such we like to make our plans as we go.

What kind of ceremony will you have?
We are considering a traditional Thai ceremony though I am sure we shall make some modifications. I am hoping to ride in on an Elephant. Beyond that, we will decide when we are there.

Where are you registered?
We are registered at WeddingChannel.com and BedBathAndBeyond.com.  To log straight into the accounts click the links below:
Macyís & Williams-Sonoma

How can we contact you after you leave?
Email is best but if you need to send something that isnít digital:
Colin and Laura
C/O Debbie Shulman
3331 Roland Dr
Santa Cruz, Ca 95062

My question isnít listed.
Send us an email:
Colin Ė colin@trickypenguin.com
Laura Ė laura@trickypenguin.com