The wedding will take place on October 30th in Phuket, Thailand. The exact location of the Wedding will not be known until early October when Laura and I are in Phuket.  It will then be posted to this page.  If you are attending the wedding, check the site (internet cafe’s are plentiful in Thailand) two weeks before the wedding. We will all meet in Phuket at the disclosed location on the 28th.  Plans and location of the actual wedding will be discussed then.  If there is any travel necessary from Phuket to the wedding site it will be provided.

If you are planning on attending the wedding and would like help finding the cheapest tickets or have questions about trip planning, please do not hesitate to contact Laura or Colin.

Information about necessary vaccination’s and health precautions for a trip to Thailand can be found by clicking the Health link below

Round trip airfare from the west coast to Phuket should be available for around $600. For information click the Airfare link below.

Other travel information, such as accommodations, visa and passport arrangements can be found by clicking the Arrangements link below.