This is not a comprehensive list of immunizations for traveling to Thailand. It only reflects my limited research and should not be used as an exclusive source for trip planning. Depending on the trip duration and itinerary you may need to substantially alter your health plans from what I have listed.

For a short trip to Thailand, assuming you received your childhood shots and they are current, the recommended immunizations for Thailand are minimal.

If you are primarily attending our wedding, not heading to far off the beaten track and staying for a period of less then 3 weeks you may be safe with only getting the Hepatitis A vaccination.  However you might want to also consider Hepatitis B and possibly Typhoid.  In addition check the health links below for information on outbreaks and you should tailor your health needs to your particular trip.  


Malaria is not a risk in Phuket, the interior of Thailand, the main cities, the gulf islands, and the main tourist areas.  For more information click here.

For food and beverage precautions from Travel Health Online click here.  I personally break some of these rules, primarily eating from street vendors and market stalls, because I think how good some of the food is makes it worth the occasional intestinal punishment.

Travel insurance:

Travel insurance will cover you in the unlikely event that you get hit by a bus, have your bags stolen, get deathly ill, etc. I have not yet purchased travel insurance so I do not have any recommendations.  When I find a good plan I will put details on this page.